Cape Clear TNR

One of the most inspiring TNRs I’ve taken part in so far!!! Sry – about elebenty billion photos again – can’t decide what to omit! And it does cover an entire weekend!

So, what am I on about this time? Community Cats Network organised an extremely exciting pilot project TNR on Cape Clear this weekend past. A number of animal welfare organisations were invited (and begged!) to participate, including Animal Advocacy (that’s me!), RAWR (Jennifer Carroll) and DAWG (Karen Stephens). And two vets and two vet assistants (Lorna Cashman and Hazel Kirby) came along to perform the neutering, three from Cloyne Veterinary Surgery, Co Cork, and one from Australia (! though she actually only came from the UK as she’s working there just now). Hopefully Maggie or Em will add everyone’s names because I’m hopeless *hangs head*

Mary had 24 cats and kittens that she fed at her home on Cape Clear and had asked Community Cats Network for help. Em and Maggie went over for a recky a week or so ago, and I tagged along for the ride. Mary’s neighbour had a WWOOFer apartment and stable next door that she was willing to loan us and it seemed the perfect situation for an onsite blanket neutering project.

Sinead, one of Community Cats’ vets, had a vet friend visiting from the UK this weekend past, and the project was arranged around that. So, Em, Lorna (vet assistant from Sinead’s practice), Maggie and I set out on Friday to set everything up. The vets and Karen arrived next day, and Jenni came along on Sunday to help with the clear up and the release of the toms (she was gutted she couldn’t be there for the actual surgeries but had other commitments). Em and I released the females and kittens today, did the final clearing up and packing, and headed home, tired but delighted with ourselves.

These photos predominantly show the cats in the colony (I kept forgetting to take photos). There’s a few other informational snaps and some that actually include the human animals involved! I do hope you enjoy them!!!

In the process of the project we found out about at least 3 other colonies on the island and will be going back to neuter everything feilne (mostly) that moves over the coming year. So there’ll be more photos to come.

It was a fanastic busman’s holiday for me (and everyone else) and totally and utterly inspiring.

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