Candlelit Vigils

It is now one year since several dead greyhounds were found in a quarry in Co Limerick. To mark the anniversary of this tragedy, vigils are being held in Limerick, Cork and Dublin. SOS Levrieri, who home many LAW greyhounds in Italy, are also holding vigils in Milan and Pisa.

When & Where

  • Thursday, April 18th 2013, 7pm – Curaheen Greyhound Stadium, Cork; Shelbourne Stadium, Dublin; Facebook worldwide
  • Friday, April 19th, 6.30pm – the Greyhound Stadium, Greenpark, Dock Road, Limerick

The Limerick Greys

from GRAI

Last year in April 2012, a walker was exploring the woods near an abandoned quarry located approximately 40 kilometres outside of Limerick city when, alerted by her own dogs, she came upon a horrifying discovery – an open and shallow mass grave of dead greyhounds most of which appeared to be shot in the head It is assumed that these were failed racing greyhounds (identified by having tattoos in their ears) and that they were disposed of when they were no longer fast enough to race. Some were estimated to be between just 2-3 years of age.

In the News

What You Can Do

The Greyhound Plight

 from Greyhound Safe

Greyhounds are an ancient breed of dog, with an ancestry and rich history dating back through many centuries. Now their use as tools for the racing industries can be a grim life of survival. Tens of thousands are bred around the world each year.

Those Greyhounds who survive the early stages of puppyhood will go on to sustain the racing industries in a most cruel and inhumane way. Generally greyhounds will be kennelled or caged for up to 23 hours a day, often wearing muzzles if kennelled with a second Greyhound. Thousands of Greyhounds will suffer injuries: broken toes, torn muscles/ligaments, broken legs/backs/necks, or heart attacks, all are not uncommon. Thousands of greyhounds are killed even for minor injuries. Greyhounds have and do run on race tracks in weather extremes: heatwaves and freezing conditions, making money is obviously a priority before taking notice of weather forecasts. Greyhounds are often subjected to being given prohibited substances found in positive urine samples.

Greyhounds generally ‘retire’ from racing industries at the age of 3 – 4. ‘Retirement’ for thousands of Greyhounds can mean death: ‘humanely’ or in horrific ways, as seen in a discovery of a mass grave in Ireland, April 2012. Many will be simply dumped and found in appalling conditions – the lucky Greyhounds will find their way to the hands of dedicated rescue centres/shelters/fosterer’s, who will be dedicated to finding forever-homes for them. Many will be picked up as strays and left with already overwhelmed Local Authority Dog-Pounds, where they then face a very short time frame of any chance to be homed. Many will face a ‘retirement’ of ‘stud duties’.

Many will be exported to continue racing, sometimes in countries with no chance of a life as ‘retirement’.

Greyhounds can live long and happy lives, up to 14 years old – thousands will not get to live those long and happy lives, or indeed live at all.

With each Greyhound ‘retiring’ more greyhounds will enter the cycle that sustains the racing industries.

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