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Glengarriff WoodsBruce is packing his suitcase tonight in readiness for his journey to the UK tomorrow. And I’m sitting down to do his write up so his delightfulnesses and quirks are apparent to any potential new guardian and he finds the perfect forever home.

Bruce was found wandering near Bantry, W Cork, Ireland, with a torn rope round his neck – obviously stray, he was taken in by RAWR, the local TNR group. He’s been fostered with me since the beginning of February and no-one’s come forward to claim him. He arrived matted and thin. One grooming treatment and several weeks later, he’s a lovely figure of a collie cross. He’s got an absolutely lovely nature, very faithful (he’d follow me everywhere if he could!), delighted to meet new people, alert and a really quick learner. And very food orientated!

If you’ve adopted Bruce and you’re visiting these pages, please do let me know how he’s getting on!

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Food & Drink

This pic best shows how skinny Bruce was when he arrived at mine. He’d already been groomed so I can’t show you the extent of the matting he originally arrived with. For the first day or so I fed him little and often – he’d have eaten until he was sick otherwise. But soon enough he stopped eating when he’d had enough, so he moved on to having food left down all the time. Then he could eat his fill – and he put on weight quick enough, now a fine figure of a dog. This suggests he probably wasn’t starving for too long – I’d have expected the weight to take longer to return otherwise. He’s still getting food whenever he asks for it here, but is really a good weight and can easily move on to one or two meals a day.

Bruce does seem to drink an awful lot – more than 4 dog bowls of water a day. So the vet did a few checks but it seems there’s nothing wrong with Bruce – he’s just more thirsty than most!


Bruce lurvs people! In fact, he can get so excited on meeting new people that he has small accidents. Usually letting him out to do his business just before someone’s arriving sorts that out.


The first time I was with Bruce when he met another dog was at the vet’s – another dog came out the treatment room while we waited in reception and Bruce raised his hackles and growled – not a good start. As a result I’ve been careful introducing him to other dogs, but there’s been no repeat experiences. In contrast, he’s always been delighted to meet and play with my friends’ dogs and dogs we’ve encountered on walks. All in all I’d say he’s great with other dogs, but I’d be careful because of that first experience, just to be on the safe side.


I thought Bruce was great with cats when he first arrived (I mostly foster cats and have several permanent residents) – basically he completely ignored them. But after he’d had a few days to settle in he started expressing extreme interest in the cats – staring, pointing, etc. His behaviour was very worrying and I haven’t left him alone with the cats as a result. However, I think it mostly comes from jealousy (his first expression of this behaviour was towards a cat I was paying attention to). He should be fine with cats so long as an eye is kept on him initially. Tonight, as I type this, he’s lying by the fire beside Barley, a gentle little caramel girl that stays with me.


I would have guessed that Bruce hadn’t had any or had minimal training before he came to me. But he’s a quick study, loves the attention training gives him, is food orientated and is very eager to learn. He learned ‘Sit’ in about three lessons. He comes when he’s called – so much so that I let him off the lead when we went walking in the country – but I put him back on it when other dogs were around, just to be on the safe side. He hasn’t learned ‘Lie Down’, mostly because he seems to think I’m giving him a row when I try that one (see pic) – don’t ask me why!

He did jump up enthusiastically in greeting, and to get attention, when I first got him. Since he did this gently, I didn’t object immediately. But I’ve been discouraging him in recent weeks, and he’s getting the idea – though he’s not there yet. A bit of consistency and he’ll stop soon enough.

For a collie cross (usually very attention seeking) he’s surprisingly good and quiet – though he does come looking for attention (and prefers to be by my side at all times), he’s very good at sitting quietly when I’m busy.

Basically, Bruce is very trainable and will engage in training sessions with enthusiasm.

House Training

I think it’s safe to say Bruce wasn’t housetrained on his arrival. But he’s a quick study and, though he still has accidents, he’s nearly there. Most nights there’s no accidents, and no accidents at all during the day. He’s figured this out mostly on his own – I’ve let him out frequently and let him know to go out when I’ve caught him indoors, rather than crate training. And he’s caught on so quick!

When he moves to his new home you’ll probably have to keep an eye on him at first, to be sure he knows the rules are the same at yours as at mine. Do be prepared for the odd accident at first, but he’ll catch on quick.

Medical History


Description Male collie cross, mostly black with splashes of brown and white, with white paws.
DOB Around 2 years February 2013
Place Of Birth Probably somewhere in West Cork, Ireland. Picked up in Bantry.
Wormed / Defleaed 8/3/13
Vaccinated Fully vaccinated. Booster due 22/2/14
Neutered Yes
Microchipped Yes
Other Medications None. Healthy during stay.He has a couple of small bald patches from an allergy to fleas.
Other Details Loves people and other dogs. Very interested in cats. Extremely good natured, faithful and loving.
Emigrated to the UK 10/3/13



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    • Wow! That’s great news – thx for getting in touch Paul 😀 Would love to see photos of him settled in his new home. And would love to post the update on here, if you’re okay with that 🙂 He’s a lovely natured, very handsome dog. Am delighted!!!

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