Bruce’s Happy Ending

It’s a while ago now, but you might remember Bruce who came to me in February 2012 to be fostered for RAWR. He was a poor soul on arrival – scarily thin, untrained and a bit nervous – but a very enthusiastic dog, eager to learn and faithfully by my side wherever I went. He was with me for around six weeks and then bravely headed off to the UK to find his forever home.

Well, I got a couple of fab emails over the last couple of days from Carmen, his new people! As you know I love hearing how happy my fosterees end up, and I love sharing the news too! So, here’s some info and pics for your delectation. I confess I was shocked when I went back and looked at Bruce’s condition when he first arrived. The main pic here shows him then and now. This is why so many of us volunteer in animal rescue!

Carmen wrote yesterday:

Hello,  my name is Carmen and I just thought you’d like to know that we’ve had Bruce from dawgdogs for a year now. We  see that he was with you when he was first rescued and love looking at his journey.  Bruce really is part of our family and we wouldn’t be without him, he still follows us everywhere and loves playing ball. He does get a bit aggressive with large dogs when on the lead but I think its because a couple of times he’s had big dogs bark at him, and maybe he’s just protecting us. Bruce is so loving and I think if he could play ball for 24 hours a day he would. We’re looking forward to going to the dawgdogs show on Sunday and hopefully Bruce might win a competition.  Thank you.

So, as soon as I’d finished my happy dance, I wrote back and begged Carmen for pics, and for her permission to include them here. She got back to me this morning:

Hi muriel. Thanks for reply, I would only be too happy for you to update your page about Bruce.  I have attached a few photos of Bruce I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for the link I will be having a good look at the page, it’s great to see what Bruce got up to before he came to England. Dawgdogs have announced that another lady who brings dogs over from Ireland will be at their dog show and that she would love to see all the dogs that were brought over, I think you mentioned her in your report of Bruce on the move. Thanks again.

I can’t get the smile off my face!

Yellow Dog Project

Noting that Carmen says Bruce is sometimes a bit edgy with large dogs I just want to highlight the Yellow Dog Project for dogs who’re not 100% comfortable in public.

The Yellow Dog Project is a global movement for owners of dogs that need space. It hopes to educate the public and dog owners to identify dogs needing space, promote appropriate contact of dogs and assist dog parents to identify their dog as needing space.

The Yellow Dog Project seeks to educate appropriate ways to approach or make contact with a dog with permission of a dog owner only, whether or not a dog is a “yellow dog”. They also seek to promote the use of yellow ribbons to identify yellow dogs needing extra space.

Find out more on their webpages – tie a yellow ribbon to the leashes/collars of dogs needing space, and publicise this excellent project to make everyone aware that not every dog wants attention from strangers.

Bruce’s Gallery

And, as you can see in the pictures below, Bruce is in his element.

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