Black Cat Appurrciation Day 2017

Black Cat Appreciation Day – black cats (and dogs) want the word spread that they’re the least likely to get adopted and the most likely to be killed in pounds around the world. Don’t discriminate – adopt a black companion!!! And Neuter for heavens sake.

Nina is still looking for her forever home – a most beautimous black girl, super friendly – looking for you! Find out more about her here – and PM me if you think you might have room in your heart and home for her.


Black Cat Appurrciation Day coming up on the 17th August … or is it the 19th? Heck! It should be every day.


August 17th is Black Cat Appurrciation Day – who are you going to adopt? How bout Nina? (see her link above).


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  1. It’s fine, please don’t worry Muriell.
    All’s well here – thanks for asking. All’s tickety-boo with you?
    I think I owe you a recent picture of the delectable Maggie. Will send soon.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

    • About to get mad with work – June-Aug is always a bit fraught. Toning down on the animal welfare but never quite managing to pull back altogether. Getting to poor feline souls this week who were left when their guardian died. Will have them for a while before advertising – get their strengths up. Would love a pic! Thx.

  2. Laughed at the ‘I’m a little bit evil” bit 🙂

    On a serious note; there is a prejudice against black felines that’s totally unwarranted.

    Who, in their right mind, would tell a Black Panther that he was uncool! 😉

    • Yeah – I know a few wee black cats who’re a lil bit evil – and they make me laugh too.

      Hope all’s well with you, Joe. Sry to inundate ye with new posts – just trying to update the pages a bit 🙂

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