BJ the Stray


We don’t know the name of this sweet wee dog, but have temporarily called him BJ, short for Beagley JRT. He’s been wandering round Bantry market and the roadways around it today, all on his ownio. I’d spotted him, but couldn’t catch him – he was off on a mission. But I put the word out and a wee bit later Kathryn, shining star that she is, saw him and grabbed him for me. A quick call to Jen at the vets and Neilie, our dog warden, and away we went to the Veterinary Clinic till we find out who he belongs to.

Friendly wee thing with a brand new collar – but no tag. He’s around 2 or 3 years old, isn’t neutered and, on examination, turns out to have Cryptorchidism, a condition characterised by incomplete or nonexistent descent of the testes. If he isn’t neutered his risk of testicular cancer is thought to be approximately ten times greater than in normal dogs.

BJ would very much like to find his owner. He’s headed off with Neilie, the dog warden, for the night.

If you know BJ’s guardian, let them know to contact Neilie on 086 822 6784.

Also let them know that it’s illegal, and dangerous, to let the poor wee dog wander. And he is currently legally required to have a tag on the collar with his contact details. And he’ll soon be required to microchip.

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