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Meillieur and Ami are two more unintentional tourists from RAWR. Currently fostered by Nadia in Bantry, Co Cork, this super-friendly pair are looking for their forever home together – and are prepared to pack their tiny suitcases and travel to find the perfect home!

Meillieur was found, covered in oil, by the side of the road – we can only assume fallen out of a car engine. Ami’s story was even more traumatic. This super-friendly lil guy not only travelled in a car engine unintentionally, but was hit by a car when he fell into traffic. Three more cars ran straight over this tiny fella and he was so lucky a fourth car stopped and picked him up. The damage wasn’t too bad – soreness and a damaged lower lip – but his rescuers didn’t take him to a vet for two days, by which time the skin on his lip was too deteriorated to heal back to normal. As a result, lil Ami’s lower gums are slightly exposed, and always will be. This won’t present him with any problems, beyond a slightly unusual aspect.

Ami was only around four weeks old when he was handed in to RAWR, and Meillieur joined him a few weeks later. The two bonded and want nothing more than to nuzzle and cavort and purr wiith each other – and with a caring human guardian. They are super-friendly, desperate for any lovings you can give and so grateful to be cared for and safe. They’ll make a fab addition to any home and will keep your heart and home warm and full of love for years to come.

Ami & Meillieur are both around three months old, neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

Contact us by email or phone/text 085 219 6225 / 086 844 3244 if you’d like to know more about this doralicious pair – guaranteed to be BFFs to each other and to you!

Both kittens are lucky to be alive – do check car engines before travelling, particularly now the colder weather is coming! The best approach is to bang on your hood to frighten out any felines who sought out the warmths of a cooling engine. And if you see any animal on or by the road, please, please stop and pick them up before it’s too late!

Note: Meillieur Ami is French for Bestest Friend!

Their Galleries

On arrival at Nadia’s – Ami’s faaaar to excited to stay still long enough for a decent photo!


Nadia got some great pics during their stay with her:


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