Bantry to Abbeyfeale and Back

I headed up to Abbeyfeale today, taking five dogs for rehoming in the UK. Bruce, who I’ve been fostering for RAWR, was one of them. And four others from KLAWS, who organised the transport and rehoming. Ellie’s off to Pups Needing Homes in Sussex, and the others to DAWG Dogs in Dorset.

Bruce and I set off early so we could have a quick walk in Glengarriff Woods before he left his homeland. I took a gazillion photos and got not a single good one *sigh* – lots of his butt (‘What’s over here? Wow! This is so cool! So many smells! So much to see!’), and lots of close ups of his nose and eyes (‘Hi! You miss me? I’m back! … Now I’m off again!’), followed by more butt pics.

Then off to Kenmare Vet Centre to pick up the others. We introduced them all to each other, and one collie cross in particular, Gareth, didn’t seem too happy about sharing his space. I don’t have the set up for transporting dogs like I do for cats – only one crate – but it’s grand for the hour’s journey to Abbeyfeale from Kenmare. I’ve enough bits and pieces that I can make sure each dog’s secure and they can’t beat the snot out of each other. Which was a good thing because Gareth was none too pleased about the situation. Tho a total suck up to me – he’d give out a growl, I’d tell him not to, and he’d turn and give me the most butterwouldn’tmelt look you’ve ever seen – ‘Me? Growl? You must have me confused with someone else!’ – I totally didn’t.

At the same time I was aware that Bruce can be a bit dominant, so I kept him in the front. I needn’t have, because he curled up in misery for the whole hour, devastated that there were other dogs in His van, and that mean ol’ Gareth kept growling at him. Poor baby. Complete wimp.

Ellie, a hound cross, was a total sweetheart – she was fine with Gareth and kept by him – a really gentle girl with eyes to melt you. Rasta, a b&w collie, kept to the back and avoided Gareth like the plague – another friendly babe who looks like he could do with a bit of lovins. I’d a wee pom in a crate too – he’d felt obliged to have a growl at the others, not to be outdone by Gareth, and seemed safest in his own space – the wee ones can think they’re a lot bigger than they actually are! And again, he’s a lovely, friendly wee thing.

At Abbeyfeale the dogs were transferred to their rather splendid Mercedes van for the onward journey. And Bruce looked at me in horror as the door closed on him *guilt* But I know they’ll all find lovely homes in the UK, and the upset of the journey is well worth it for them in the long run. So I turned around and headed home.

It’s been a while since I’ve done the Killarney route – I’d forgotten how beautimous it is, with the Killarney National Park (their website’s photos do it far more justice than mine), the wibbly wobbly windy roads (love em) and the awesome scenery of mountains, lakes and natural woodland. So I stopped for a cawfee and scone & jam at Ladies View and took a few pics. And then I stopped further up the road and took a few more. And as I passed Moll’s Gap I’d a wee tug of homesickness – but not too much – for all the mountains of my highlands are far more imposing, they’re a damn site colder too.

A quick stop at Kenmare Vets again, to drop off the crate and leads I’d borrowed, and on through Glengarriff – another spectacular route, but no stopping for photos this time. And home – to cats who are delighted that Bruce has gone, and they have their hearth back to themselves.

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I stupidly forgot to take pics of the dogs before they got in the van, but got a fair few en route – just not as flattering as they might have been!

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  2. There is a brown Wheaten terrier straying on the road outside Abbeyfeale today, Mon., 25/11/13. Seems to be hungry and possibly injured? Seems an old dog but looks healthy otherwise. Is there anywhere in Abbeyfeale area that I could notify about this dog?

    • John – just seen your post – first step would be to phone the Garda – they’ll know your dog warden’s number and should know local animal welfare groups. Some dog wardens are better than others. Let me just check and see if I can find a local welfare org … back in a mo

      I’m going to post your comment on facebook in the animal welfare pages and see if I get a response – is prob easiest. And then will email ye.

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