Banjo, a teeny female calico, wandered into Bantry bikeshop at the age of around 5 weeks in July 2007. All four paws had bad burn damage, two pads peeling off completely, and her hind leg was burnt to the bone. We figured she’d got the injuries from travelling on a car engine. She was terrified of people and from that wariness and her general initial behaviour and skinny, skanky appearance we’re pretty sure she probably hadn’t been handled or looked after until she came to us.

Despite her horrible injuries Banjo was an otherwise solid, healthy wee thing. We had to bathe and cream her feet twice daily, much to her disgust – she would wiggle and struggle like billyo initially until, realising there was no escape, she would go limp in resignation of the (much needed) torture we were putting her through, making quite distinctive and charming noises of a mix of growl and whine. I loved this look of disgust at the whole process on her poor face (top photo). A very brave wee kitten. We managed to keep infection at bay with the treatments and you wouldn’t know to look at her today she’d had such serious injuries. She also had trouble with eye infections but they also cleared up with treatment, good food and care.

She emigrated to the UK and you’ll find lovely photos of her in her new home in the Galleries section, here.


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