And Finally … from Cork CAT …

Okey dokey, the last gallery from my Cork CAT house/cat sit. This time, I’m afraid, none of these delectable furrballs are available for adoption – they’ve already found their forever home with Ann!

Unfortunately my memory is appalling and I can’t remember anyone’s name 🙁 Or their individual stories for that matter. But all the resident cats and dogs (Yes! Dogs too!) have come from rescue situations and stayed for one reason or another. Some have chronic illnesses and/or disabling injuries, others are feral, some Ann just fell in love with.  Some are indoor only, some outdoor only, and the rest are free-range and do what they please – all depending on their needs and wants. All are beautifully photogenic. And not all the residents are included – many steered clear of me altogether (though they’d come out for Ann, who they know).

If you care about cats and are looking to adopt, it’s worth thinking about adopting what we’d call ‘difficult to home’ felines – for example, those with disabilities, injuries, chronic illnesses, older cats, FIV positive cats, shy cats, cranky cats. Many rescues end up with large resident colonies because homes can’t be found. And adopting a difficult to home feline (or canine for that matter) is so rewarding. Speaking from experience, they’re ever so grateful for a caring home and give back in spades for your care, attention and compassion.

Cork CAT Residents’ Gallery

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