Advance Preview Emigrees Oct 11

The Dunmanway Mountain kittens and Spock are packin their tiny bags to emigrate to the UK this weekend. Nobody has visited to see these gorgeous kittens – if they had I’d have no-one emigrating, because these guys are the most snorgalicious bunch ever, and would be homed in a flash.

We’ve a full van this trip, with SNIP, Cork CAT and RAWR needing all the space. Most rescues are full to overflowing and the homes simply can’t be found in Ireland. We’re very lucky to have connections with New Start Cat Rescue in Newent, Glos, UK who are ready, willing and able to find homes for our kittens. And are rather marvellous people too!

To find out more about why and how these emigrations happen check out Why Felines Emigrate To The UK.

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