Feline Overpopulation

It seems different areas in the UK are on top of the overpopulation problem. I’ve been in contact with Jackie at New Start Cat Rescue in the UK for several years and have a very close relationship with her and her co-volunteers. They are lovely people!

According to Jackie, Gloucester does not have a feline overpopulation problem. She has a queue of home-checked people looking for feline companions and is desperate for me to take cats and kittens over on a monthly basis. They microchip as a matter of course, and require adopters to neuter their felines when they are old enough – they even provide discount neutering vouchers for that purpose and do follow up checks.

The overpopulation problem is not ‘solved’ in their area – they do get kittens in in the summer months, and do TNR when needed. But they are on top of it and the situation is vastly different from Ireland.

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