Costs and Savings

I worked out the cost of the trip (only ferry and petrol as my time and expenses are voluntary) and, at present (it varies by season with the ferry) it costs around €50 per cage. So I ask the Irish charities involved to pay €50 for each cage they use, and any excess goes towards an emergency fund for future trips or charities that can’t afford the cost. My van accommodates 6 hospital cages which house 1-2 adult cats or up to 4 kittens (depending on size) comfortably and humanely. And New Start also gives money towards the trip.

Although the Irish charities lose out on adoption fees and donations, finding homes can be terribly difficult. For example, in the winter of 2010/11 RAWR had not one call about their felines, despite the fantasticly adorable Arrullo’s pic (seen here). RAWR could potentially have had to feed, medicate and neuter all seven kittens over anything up to a couple of months before they found homes for them, not to mention the time spent caring for them (which is voluntary but uses valuable energy!). So I feel the expense of the trip, and loss of the adoption fee, is justified.

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