Benefits For Me ;)

On my last trip I met the new guardians of the nine kittens that were homed the day I arrived (I was delighted!!). Five kittens were rehomed in the following week. And four were timid and took a while longer to rehome. Eighteen felines in all, seven from RAWR (who I’d fostered!), seven from SNIP in Mallow and four from Cork CAT. And many of the new homes keep in touch with the rescue centres their new companions came from – meeting my foster kittens new families and hearing how they settle and grow can get me quite teary, but is immensely rewarding.

And, it’s an excellent break for me! – to get away from the hecticness of home for a few days – and Jackie leaves me out a malt whisky for my arrival at 4am, gives me comfortable bed for a decent sleep – and looks after me wonderfully while I’m there. Worth the journey in itself!!! 😉

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