All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing ~ Edmund Burke

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I am the Majority Apache Apache Apache


*** DRUMROLL ***

Okay folks!!! *** BIG DRUMROLL *** *lil twirl* *raises top hat* As part of National Feral Cats Awareness week 2014 *cymbols CLASH* we’d like to introduce to you *stray cat caterwaul chorus* the launch of the Fantastic *applause* the Magnificent *enthusiastic applause* the Fantabulous *thunderous applause* TNR MANUAL for IRELAND!!!! *the crowd goes WIIIIILLLLLLD* 

Download it here (7.7 Mb):

The TNR Manual for Ireland

*** Please NOTE: the links in the manual are NOT yet live – see end of this post for temporary links to the information ***
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Happy Travels

A couple of weeks back I took four animals to their three forever homes for RAWR – and it gave me a great excuse to go visiting at the same time. Thought I’d share the happy travels photos with you – and three happy endings in one!

First stop was Macroom with Morris (now Woofy), heading to stay with the couple that adopted Harry a year or so back. Harry needed company – and Morris is it. Morris has been stuck in a cage, waiting for a home, and didn’t enjoy the journey very much At All *bark* *bark*. As soon as we’d got his collar and lead on, and let him out the van, he was straight up to Mr Ellen’s dad’s legs and glued to them like he knew he was home. Fair put a smile on my face – the wee dog instantly bonding and saying ‘Mine!’. Mrs Ellen’s mum gave me chocolates, biscuits and soda for the rest of my journey, so I was grinning ear-to-ear when I set off on the next leg. Tis a great home for the dogs, and Ellen, their daughter, keeps me posted on how they get along – she’s a mate of mine from Cork CAT (and that, combined with my crap memory, explains the naming conventions, if you were wondering).

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Lost & Found Calico Charmer

*** SORTED ***

This scruffy lil calico charmer was found on the Glengarriff Rd in Bantry in the past couple of days. She’s a fabulous furball of snorgalitiousnesses and may be stray. It’s also possible she’s travelled in a car – so spread the word round the wider area in case anyone’s missing their three or four month old calico girl. One of my neighbours took her in, but couldn’t hold on to her. And I took her round to RAWR today. They’ll be looking for her people over the next few days – but if no-one comes forward they’ll assume she’s been dumped and lil CC will be looking for her forever home.

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Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

[16/11/14 Updated with Research and Light links & info]

I was recently contacted about a staffie taken by the dog warden, presumed aggressive, and marked for death as a result (see their FB page Save Ruby for more info). While I have a fair understanding – and disagreement with – BSL it made me realise how little information I had at my fingertips to help the family involved. After hunting round some familiar haunts, sharing and querying I came up with a fairly good collection of contacts and information.

There are plenty of web and facebook sites that cover BSL very well already, so I’m not going to repeat everything here. What I am going to do is provide a summary, with a focus on organisations who can provide information, activism and help around BSL issues. I hope you find it useful!

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Ginger is the New Black!

Rodney Happy Halloween from two felines looking for their forever homes – ginger and white is the new black! Or maybe calico is …

Rodney’s a gentle ginger and white four-year-old boy with FIV who’d love to find someone to snuggle up to. He does a great impression of a pumpkin and would never play any tricks on you.

LexiLexi’s a shy year-old calico desperate to treat you to her Halloween purrs.

Both are staying in this Halloween (as it’s scarey for our companions) but were happy to try a black costume, in the form of these photos (also don’t be dressing up your animals if they don’t like to be dressed up; and, if they do, make sure their costumes don’t restrict their movement, vision or anything else).
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Ducks Seek Hospitality

I heard through the grapevine that eight ducks had been abandoned at the Westlodge Hotel in Bantry at the weekend. I didn’t have much luck getting through to them to find out what was going on, so headed up there to see for myself. Sure enough, eight waddlers were sticking together in the grounds, somewhat nervous about their new location. They’re lucky the foxes didn’t get them, with no night cover.

Darragh from the Westlodge was brilliant. If you want anything done there, he’s the man to go to. He contacted the groundsman, established that they wouldn’t be able to take the ducks themselves, didn’t have anywhere else for them to go, and gave the okay to rehoming them with a family the grapevine had found – all in the space of about half an hour. The grapevine being Mary Connolly, who’d contacted me in the first place, and found a family for the ducks in the end – brilliant!

So, at the end of the day, there’s not really very much to this tale – though another happy ending is always good!

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Happy World Animal Day!

To celebrate #WorldSmileDay and#WorldAnimalWeek we originally planned to share three of our smiles a day for seven days (see our original post Sharing the Animal Welfare Warmths). Thinking about it we’ve decided to spread our smiles across the coming months. We’re inviting you to share the smiles – either ours or your own. Or both!

With today being World Animal Day it seems especially important to highlight what we can do for the animals and the solutions available, rather than focussing on the problems.

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Little Girl Lost


Hannah just gave me a shout – wee JRT girl lost on Bantry square at around six o’clock this evening. Hannah was just heading out on the bus and could I take the wee one in till we figured out what to do with her. Of course I could!

The wee girl’s brown and white, as you can see, quite young, slightly watery eye (but that could be from stress) and very, very friendly. She’s a bit wary of the cats – and when you see the pic of Curly‘s reaction you’ll see why!

Not sure if she’s a dump or a stray, but she’s in good nick – not starving by any manner of means – and very people friendly. She hopped into the footwell of the passenger seat of my van like it was routine, she’s good on the lead … and I’ve as yet to see if she’s housetrained or not.

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Sharing the Animal Welfare Warmths

To celebrate #WorldSmileDay and #WorldAnimalWeek we’re going to share three of our smiles a day for seven days! And we’re inviting you to share the smiles – either ours or your own. Or both!

What am I talking about? I was recently challenged to join in a FB share promoting positivity instead of stupidity (thanks to Nadia for the excellent description!) – it simply involves sharing 3 things that have brought a smile to your face every day for 7 days – and to nominate 3 others to join in each day.

I’ve been loving it – sharing my own smiles and seeing my friends’. I’ve only seen it on personal pages, but just thought today it’s so relevant to Animal Advocacy’s Facebook page too!

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What Kind of Animal are You?

Well, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a human animal! And I’m guessing you’re interested in animal welfare, or you wouldn’t be visiting my pages. What I really want to look at here is where you lie on the Animal Welfare/Animal Rights scale. Do you know?

Why Does It Matter?

If you’ve ever been involved in discussions about animal welfare, be they virtual or in reality, you’re bound to have noticed the odd heated argument between individuals who you might expect to be on the same page. Maybe you’ve been involved in one yourself? Heated or otherwise, the variety of viewpoints expressed can usually be brought down to one thing – where individuals’ animal welfare philosophies lie on the continuum between pure Animal Welfare and pure Animal Rights.

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What To Do When Your Dog Goes Missing

Interesting stats today from a UK survey by OnePoll on behalf of the Dogs TrustWhat happens when dogs go missing? I’d imagine our Irish stats will be slightly different, probably more dogs straying, but otherwise not dissimilar.

Do you know what to do if your companion goes missing? Find out here!

The Survey Says …

Lots of stuff to be aware of in the UK survey. Let’s go through it with an Irish perspective, starting with:

29 per cent of dog owners lose their pet at least once during its lifetime.

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