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Whitey Sock Fluff Fluff, Sock & Whitey


Desperately Seeking!

Anna wrote to me, asking for help, saying,

I started looking for homes for my 3 cats at the beginning of March. We have to leave our home and I am devastated to have to rehome them. They are my babies.

Anna’s babies are Fluff, Sock and Whitey and she told me all about them. If you think you could find room in your heart and home for any one of them please do get in touch with Anna as soon as possible. They are currently located in Dublin, but are brave wee things and are willing to travel to find their forever homes.

Contact Anna on 085 112 6153

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Cork CAT Cittens

I had a furr-ball when Larry and I visited Cork last week. I stayed with Ann from Cork CAT for two nights and Larry stayed with us for one and at Gilabbey for one (see his story here).

And while I was there I got to play with … wait for it, wait for it … KITTENS!!! I only take in vaccinated kittens for fostering these days, so never get to play with smallies – and these guys were totally doralicious. All colours, all temperaments – just lots and lots of fab kittens.

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Lexi’s Coming to Visit

My latest KLAWS foster, Lexi, is coming to Bantry to stay for a while. She’s with Shannon near Portmagee, from Animal Rescue South Kerry, at the moment. But Shannon’s far too full and Lexi needs a change. Lexi’s a gorgeous one-year-old (ish) calico girl – neutered and fully vaccinated. She’s a little shy until she gets to know you, but is getting better all the time – and is well worth the woo – supersnorgles in abundance as soon as she realises you’re family. She is so sweet, giving you straight back the love she gets from you.

Lexi will be travelling down to Bantry sometime this week and I’ll post more photos as she settles in here and we get to know each other.

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Larry’s Trip to Cork

*** WARNING – some people might find Larry’s post-op pics a bit uncomfortable ***

Larry would like to send an incredibly warm thank-you headbutt and *purr* to all at Gilabbey Vets for looking after him so well on his two night stay there – and special snorgles are sent to vet Megan Parker Kenny, vet nurse Sinead Kavanagh and receptionist Niamh Treherne. Despite initial mix-ups with times and costs, these guys really pulled round for my lil affectionate foster fella, gave him the best care ever and gave him lots of discounts because of his rescue status.

I am always hesitant to ask for discounts from vets when I don’t work with them regularly – I’m well aware they must get asked all the time and I am always put in mind of the most EPIC reply to the ‘if you don’t treat my pet for free then you don’t love animals’ argument – go read it if you don’t understand why vets don’t do everything for free. Suffice it to say, the discounts were hugely appreciated by myself, Larry and KLAWS.

Larry is also ever so grateful to everyone who donated towards his treatment – at least he will be when he feels better!!!

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Moe & Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Moe in the WindowI have noticed Moe wobbling about in the front window a few times when I’ve come home recently. Each time I’ve wondered if folk might worry about her when they see her jerky movements, which are a result of an undiagnosed form of ataxia – ‘the loss of full control of bodily movements’. Yesterday I found some fantastic links with information about a specific ataxia disorder, Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), and decided it was time to do a poster about her, to put people at ease and to raise awareness about special needs companion animals generally.

I’m not going to repeat all the information here but I’ll give ye some basics and links to find out more.

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Understanding The Link Between Violence Towards Animals and People

* Child Abuse * Elder Abuse *

* Domestic Violence * Animal Abuse *

Check out a fascinating new document, a downloadable .pdf - Understanding The Link Between Violence Towards Animals and People - A Guidebook for Criminal Justice Professionals by Allie Phillips of the NDAA and ASPCA.

If, like me, you’re fed up with hearing ‘boys will be boys’, ‘it was only a cat’ and similar phrases, which only encourage violence and its acceptance, read this document to find research and arguments to make the change.

There’s 84 pages of inspiration. Perhaps a few too many for most people. So I thought I’d *yoink* the best bits and collate them here. I’m not going to spend ages compiling a coherent precis, but hopefully you’ll find some of the guts of the document that might inspire you to read the whole thing.

Animal cruelty is no longer seen as occurring in a vacuum but rather as part of individual and/or familial dysfunction, psychopathy, and emotional abuse.

It is no longer considered socially acceptable because “boys will be boys” or “it was only a cat,” but rather as a serious crime within the larger context of antisocial, aggressive behaviors. ~ Phil Arkow, Coordinator National Link Coalition

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Inky 1998 – 25/6/2014

I said goodbye to Inky today. She’d had various health problems recently, mostly related to her age, and so her last visit to the vet was not entirely unexpected. And yet I had not thought it would be today. She was a most affectionate and happy cat and will be sorely missed.

You may remember her arrival and subsequent microchip discovery early in 2013, just over a year ago. We had hoped Inky would travel to see her long-lost family, but she settled here in Bantry and decided to stay with me after all. She was half blind, half deaf, pretty rickety and wholly adorable.

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More All Things Nice …

*** REHOMED ***

It’s so difficult to get decent pics of black kittens sometimes - so I made a special effort with Fitz to help him find his forever home with his sister Honey - you may remember the pair, All Things Nice, I’m fostering for Cork CAT. And I got some FAB photos of this lil black babe!

Imagine my surprise when, before I could post his plea, I found a potentially fantastic forever home for the pair through Liz at Pat O Sullivan’s, one of our local vets. And Honey and Fitz are off for their trial week on Thursday. Fingers, and doralicious jellybean toes, crossed for them!

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All Things Nice

*** REHOMED ***

Great news! Sugar & Spice have found their wonderful forever home together, thanks to RAWR.

But Honey and Fitz liked mine so much they decided to stay on for a wee while longer. They would like to find their own forever home soon though, preferably together.

You’ll remember I’m fostering the family for a little while for Cork CAT. They’re a wee bit shy at first but absolutely snorgalicious once they get to know you. Honey didn’t take long to warm up at all and is most sweet, just like her name. Fitz took a wee bit more wooing and now especially likes to wriggle at my neck while he gets his belly tickled.

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