All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing ~ Edmund Burke

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Alice Walker All beings shun destruction A 14-year-old convalescent cat in the winter Beannacht - 'Blessing' in Irish gaelic


*** DRUMROLL ***

Okay folks!!! *** BIG DRUMROLL *** *lil twirl* *raises top hat* As part of National Feral Cats Awareness week 2014 *cymbols CLASH* we’d like to introduce to you *stray cat caterwaul chorus* the launch of the Fantastic *applause* the Magnificent *enthusiastic applause* the Fantabulous *thunderous applause* TNR MANUAL for IRELAND!!!! *the crowd goes WIIIIILLLLLLD* 

Download it here (7.7 Mb):

The TNR Manual for Ireland

*** Please NOTE: the links in the manual are NOT yet live on Feral Cats Ireland (FCI), but they are on this site – replace any FCI link with[page name] ***

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BJ the Stray


We don’t know the name of this sweet wee dog, but have temporarily called him BJ, short for Beagley JRT. He’s been wandering round Bantry market and the roadways around it today, all on his ownio. I’d spotted him, but couldn’t catch him – he was off on a mission. But I put the word out and a wee bit later Kathryn, shining star that she is, saw him and grabbed him for me. A quick call to Jen at the vets and Neilie, our dog warden, and away we went to the Veterinary Clinic till we find out who he belongs to.

Friendly wee thing with a brand new collar – but no tag. He’s around 2 or 3 years old, isn’t neutered and, on examination, turns out to have Cryptorchidism, a condition characterised by incomplete or nonexistent descent of the testes. If he isn’t neutered his risk of testicular cancer is thought to be approximately ten times greater than in normal dogs.

BJ would very much like to find his owner. He’s headed off with Neilie, the dog warden, for the night.

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Talking TNR in Cloughjordan

As part of our collaboration with Feral Cats Ireland in the CATalyst Project, we’re Talking Trap Neuter Return this coming Wednesday, 4th March, at 8pm at the Thomas Macdonagh Heritage Centre in Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary.

Talking TNR

Date: Wednesday 4th March

Time: 8pm

VenueThomas Macdonagh Heritage Centre, Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary

We’re here to help you humanely manage your community cats.

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Moe the Pin-up Kitteh

Just a lil soundbite so I can share a picture of lil, wobbly Moe my poster kitteh. You might remember her story from way back – she has ataxia, possibly Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). It’s a bit like cerebral palsy, but it doesn’t slow her down.

And, because she has a tendency to sit in the window, I put up a poster about the condition so that people seeing her wobble wouldn’t worry about her. And then she, very conveniently, posed beside it the other day. So she gave me the opportunity to put a few photos together of her growing up – she’s nearly two!!! Where does the time go?

Her original post about CH is here. And you can see the full size poster here.

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Beara Animal Rights Action Project

On Monday, 24th February, I set off for Castletownbere on the beautiful Beara peninsula. I was to meet Shonagh, one of the excellent vets from Kenmare Veterinary Centre. With her was Shadow (picture to come), an adorable three-legged rescue animal representative, and we’d all been invited to input to the Beara Community School‘s CSPE Animal Rights Action Project on behalf of KLAWS Kerry.

I want to share the visit here – just because I can’t contain my delight. But I also want to summarise the issues that came up (so many!), with relevant links for the class to follow through – and I thought it would be appropriate to share that information too.

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Until There Are None Ltd

I thoroughly enjoyed attending Lis O’Donovan’s Animal Welfare course at St John’s in Cork back in 2011/12. I learned loads (not least of which, how to deal with people). This is one of the pieces of coursework we were assigned. Well, not exactly. Lis took great delight in getting those of us leaning towards animal rights to argue for issues that we abhored. This is the only way I could find to argue for an animal circus – an animal rights circus. It’s the best I could do. Note that this circus exists only in my imagination.

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White Screen of Death

White Screen of Death*** SORTED ***

Just a wee headsup – I’m having some problems with WordPress since I updated. The WSOD is only visible on my admin pages, so it should not affect you, as a reader. However, the site will be going through some ups and downs looks-wise over today and tomorrow as I mess around trying to fix it. In particular, images will not be displaying properly.

Please bear with us and we’ll have it sorted by Monday at the latest. Thanks!

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Sealed With A Loving Kiss – it’s never too late to give a lil love! I had the honour of participating in a seal pup rescue this evening, my first up close with a seal – what a gorgeous animal! Here’s what happened …

I just happened to be in the vets when Jen got a call from the guards – a seal pup, around 5kg in weight, was stranded at the pier by the bay – could someone come help her? Jen works at the Veterinary Clinic, Bantry – she’s also with RAWR, our local TNR group and gets plenty of calls about animals in distress. But the call came during the Clinic’s opening hours and she couldn’t get out for an hour or so … could I pop down and pick up the pup? I certainly could! I grabbed a hospital cage and some blankets from Jen and headed on down.

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Why Won’t People Neuter?

For some time now I’ve been meaning to write about why, for decades, rescues have been recommending adopting from rescues and neutering, rather than breeding; and why it sometimes seems like we’re making very little headway.

Sinead O’Connor’s facebook announcement that she’s going to breed her cat once before neutering has prompted me to finally do so. Sinead’s announcement reflects one of the ten worst excuses for not neutering – virtually the entire pet overpopulation problem stems from this archaic ‘just one litter’ mentality.

There’s so much to say on this topic it’s going to take me a few articles! I’ll start by reiterating the overarching problem and the obvious solutions, and introduce some of the problems involved in changing this mentality, focussing on the problem of current animal philosophies.

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