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Dutchess and Moe Curly and Moe Dutchess and Moe Curly and Moe


*** DRUMROLL ***

Okay folks!!! *** BIG DRUMROLL *** *lil twirl* *raises top hat* As part of National Feral Cats Awareness week 2014 *cymbols CLASH* we’d like to introduce to you *stray cat caterwaul chorus* the launch of the Fantastic *applause* the Magnificent *enthusiastic applause* the Fantabulous *thunderous applause* TNR MANUAL for IRELAND!!!! *the crowd goes WIIIIILLLLLLD* 

Download it here (7.7 Mb):

The TNR Manual for Ireland

*** Please NOTE: the links in the manual are NOT yet live – see end of this post for temporary links to the information ***
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Cutest Mutant Ever!

I can’t believe Curly’s been with me since February and I haven’t introduced you properly! I did post a couple of videos on Facebook. But I hesitated to bring him to attention because I really wasn’t sure what to do with him. I’ll explain …

When Curly came to me from KLAWS we knew there was something not-quite-right about him – though he was the friendliest wee thing, he was terribly skinny, and a bit awkward. And the first time I picked him up his chest just felt wrong. Sure enough, Curly’s rib cage hadn’t developed properly – there was a huge hole, leaving his heart unprotected – and he is the most open hearted kitten in so many ways.

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Feral Cat Awareness Week 2014

From 9th – 16th August, Ireland’s 5th Feral Cat Awareness Week 2014 was publicised and celebrated by Trap Neuter Return (TNR) groups all around the country. Spearheaded by Feral Cats Ireland, the networking resource for TNR (see more info below), the week got some great publicity – and loads of information was generated and shared.

So much so that I wanted to collect as much as possible in one place to be able to publicise further. And so I’m listing here the publicity I’m aware of (do let me know if I’ve missed anything!): manuals, posters, images, videos – you name it, it’s here. Hope you enjoy – and don’t forget to *care* and *share* and spread the TNR word. As Feral Cats Ireland states – Every day is Awareness Day!

The hashtag for the week was #feralcatweekireland.

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Update on Larry

Not quite a month since Larry and I headed up to Cork to see if Gilabbey could help him with his chronic snots. We’d had a pretty successful fundraising campaign to raise the funds for the op and the tests and the recovery – thanks again to all who donated – Larry, KLAWS and myself are all incredibly grateful! As always, you will have to forgive my lack of veterinary terminology in the following paragraphs – but hopefully I’ll get the gist of it.

You may remember our return from Gilabbey, with a very unhappy Larry, tonsured and confined to a lampshade collar so he couldn’t get at the stitches in his forehead. Larry Goes to CorkHe’d had an operation to access the source of his problem, basically the back of his nose. His wee nasal passages had been thoroughly flushed, to get rid of the build up and hopefully ease the irritation. And he’d been swabbed again so tests could be run to find out what the problem might be – and what might help him.

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I’d a wee change of scenery yesterday and headed over the mountain to meet up with some of the volunteers, and movers and shakers, in KLAWS Kerry. We’d arranged a pot luck lunch and chin wag for no other reason than meeting face-to-face (some of us have only ever met on Facebook) and because Georgina was in town.

I’ve worked with KLAWS Kerry for years. I think it started with fostering the odd dog. And then a bit of animal transport. And maybe a feline foster or two. I’ve joined them at a couple of fundraising events too. And, most recently, I’ve been doing their enewsletter. In fact, I’d have to say they’re one of my favourite organisations.

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Halt the Horror

including some extracts from ICABS‘ pages

The Republic of Ireland has become one of the last remaining countries in the world to allow hare coursing. The blood sport has already been banned in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and remains illegal in most civilised nations.

Why have so many countries made this blood sport illegal? Because it’s cruel. And cruelty not only damages the victim, it damages those who participate and the wider community.

Join ICABS in their campaign to ban hare coursing in Ireland – loads of actions you can take to help. Just for starters, they’ve four petitions – good petitions, well thought out and backed up with action:

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Scrabble’s Memory Lives On

When I posted Scrabble’s memorial again recently, a year after her death, Shannon Johnson got in touch to say she’d a wee feral, if not exactly the spit of Scrabble, at least very like her – could she name this wee one Scrabble? Of course I said yes – with a tear in my eye, but a very happy tear.

I noted that Shannon’s feline gang included a few wee grey furrballs and couldn’t help but mention Scrabble’s family, the Dunmanway Mountain Crew – all happily rehomed in the UK – were named mountainy names: Scree, Stone, Smoke, Slate, Shale and wee Scrabble (who was named last). And she thought her own family would suit those names equally well. And I was beside myself with delight!

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Newstalk and TNR

A ten minute sound bite Are Feral Cats Taking Over? on Newstalk this morning was very interesting – and great publicity for TNR!

The broadcast was part of the publicity campaign that is National Feral Cats Week 2014, spearheaded by Feral Cats Ireland, the networking resource for TNR in Ireland, and it was wonderful to hear the information broadcast nationally. Grand job to all the TNR people who participated in spreading the good word!

However, being me, I now have to clarify some of the points made and correct a couple of bits of misinformation that unfortunately went out in the broadcast.

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TNR Manual Coming Soon!

The TNR Manual for Ireland, promised back in 2013, is really, honestly and truly gonna be here in the next few weeks, if not days. It’s only needing a couple of tweaks and you can download the Final Draft here (15MB):

Final Draft Cover

All the information on TNR contained in these Animal Advocacy webpages will soon be available on, the National networking group for TNR in Ireland. We’ve fab new Feral Cats Ireland webpages – they’ll be live in the next month or so, but we’ve no definite date yet. They’ll hold the expanded information to go with the Manual but, in the meantime, you’ll have to be content with Animal Advocacy’s humble pages. This is where the Manual started – but we’ve always intended to host it on Feral Cats Ireland – it’s just taken a wee bit longer than expected.

Please note that as of August 2014, there are no definite plans or available funds for the training programmes mentioned in the handbook.

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Toot! Toot!

You’re going to have to excuse me tooting my own horn here – I’ve been helping Cork CAT out with their new webpages and I’m delighted with the results. Ready for your perusal - check out the new site here. I really hope you like!!!

Let me say upfront, I’m no great shakes at design. But WordPress, the software I used and the software I use for Animal  Advocacy, makes things very easy. And the WordPress design makes it easy for its users to add, modify and manage their webpages without having to constantly run to a designer to make the edits for them. Which means I could do a wee training day with Ann and Ellen from Cork CAT, and then tippytoe out of there to leave them to it. Gave me an excuse to hang out with two of my favourite people – and to help out one of my favourite animal welfare organisations. Obviously I’ll be sticking around in case of any problems, but in the long run they’ll be able to manage the running of it themselves.

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